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The Shadowkiller R E V I E W S

"Hansen's careful, methodical character development coupled with better than average writing skill carries the reader along with ease.... While the author of this book doesn't go out of his way to minimize the violence of man-monster encounters, he wisely centers his tale on aspects of societal response—general skepticism and mockery, rejection of those who question the norm, attempts to find rational answers. The result is a strikingly complicated and nuanced novel, one that surprised, delighted, and kept me turning the pages."
   —Mystery News (read the full review)

"[An] edge-of-your-seat thriller... At first I thought to myself. Bigfoot? Really? It just seemed like the sort of thing you might find in the B-movie isle at Blockbuster. In a way, yes, it is, but not in that cheap, cheesy sort of way, where you feel like you're just a little dirtier, just a little dumber just for watching. No, THE SHADOWKILLER by Matthew Scott Hansen is a novel that takes all the known cliches from this sort of monster/disaster stories and hones in on the razor sharp edges of them. He does this while still keeping the book compulsively fun..."
   —Michael Bekemeyer (for the audio version) (read the full review)

"After my many years defending Mystery as a "genre", now I must defend the "Thriller." There are bad ones. There are good ones. Here is a very good one. Matt is a native of these woods and he really puts that onto the page. THE SHADOWKILLER is a fast paced, perfectly placed novel of our times... I started reading this book as an utter skeptic.... a sarcastic skeptic. I am more willing to entertain the idea of Bigfoot, now. This is a wonderful scary story, the ultimate boogey man..."
   —Tammy Lenz-Domike (The Seattle Mystery Bookshop) (read the full review)

"THE SHADOWKILLER is his first of what hopefully will be a long list of fictional titles. Hansen, to put it succinctly, has the right stuff.... It is great, gory and erotic fun, with a tinge of irony and a subtle hint of morality thrown in for good measure. I loved every page of it!"
   —Joe Hartlaub, (read the full review)

"When I received my copy of The SHADOWKILLER, the cover alone, had me all worked up and ready to dig into the meat of this new novel. And I must say, that I was not disappointed in the least. Matthew Scott Hansen, did a superb job of writing a Bigfoot horror novel that took me on a roller coaster ride waiting with anticipation, of what was going to happen next..."
   —Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (read the full review)

"I literally flew through this book. There was a ton of action, suspense and good old fashioned gore! Matthew Scott Hansen has written a stellar debut that doesn't fail to deliver... This is one fun rollercoaster ride of a novel! You can really get a sense of Hansen's love and appreciation of Bigfoot on every page. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future novels written by this talented new writer..."
   —Dave's Horror Reviews (read the full review)

"All the elements of a good thriller are in place, including fast pace and putting the "bad guy" squarely into the minds of the reader... the dialogue is good and the story a fun one, especially if one has a taste for dark humor and gore."
   —Jennifer Jordan, Mystery One (read the full review)

"Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch, has been portrayed in most so-called sightings as a shy, elusive creature. Not so in this novel by talented new writer Matthew Scott Hansen. In his debut thriller, Bigfoot is a vengeful, murderous "hominid," halfway between human and animal, who kills and eats hapless victims, partly from hunger, but also in revenge for having wiped out its community with forest fires. A wealthy computer executive, Ty Greenwood, has had his life ruined when after a non-fatal encounter with a Bigfoot, he is held up to public ridicule. Then people start disappearing in the Washington mountains, and an ambitious and ruthless female TV reporter sets out to make her career by spreading stories about a serial killer, instead of heeding a savvy cop's suspicions that what is happening may be due to something that is not human. Another character is a canny Native American actor who has a spiritual insight into the beast, and who is determined to hunt it down. Fossil remains confirm that an immense hominid once existed and the author provides a surprisingly persuasive case that they still do. A good story."
   —The Toronto Sun

"I am reading this book, THE SHADOWKILLER, right now and enjoying it immensely..."
   — (read the full review)

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