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Here are links to some of my favorite Bigfoot sites.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has a wealth of information, as well as an excellent compilation of sightings that they investigate. Also, check out their expeditions and cool swag-doesn't everyone need a Bigfoot t-shirt?
Bigfoot Field Researchers Org

Bigfoot according to Wikipedia.
Bigfoot in Wikipedia

The Bigfoot Information Project has some great stuff. Check out the interview with John Green, one of the Bigfoot world's preeminent supporters. I bought John's book, On The Track Of The Sasquatch in 1973 and have probably read it 10 times.
Bigfoot Information Project

The Bigfoot Forums have every kind of discussion about Bigfoot you'd ever desire.
Bigfoot forums

Bigfoot Bobbie Short's terrific site, Bigfoot Encounters, has many great audio and video links as well as a huge amount of Bigfoot information. Click on M.K. Davis's fascinating frame-by-frame analysis (see photo to right!) of the Patterson/Gimlin film from within the Bigfoot Encounters site.
Bigfoot Encounters

Cryptomundo is a great site, not just for Bigfoot, but all things cryptozoological.

Bigfoot Friends of Bigfoot is a good site, not only for their content, but for their underlying philosophy that Bigfoot should be studied ethically and not harmed. Despite the homicidal Bigfoot in my book, I think this is admirable.
Friends of Bigfoot

For some regional exposure, I give you the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (check out the Bigfoot coffee mugs and... boxer shorts), Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and Oregon Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Texas Bigfoot Research Center
Gulf Coast Bigfoot RO
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
Oregon Bigfoot

The Shadowlands has lots of good information and plenty of useful links.
The Shadowlands

This site too, Great Dreams, has a massive amount of information.
Great Dreams Bigfoot site

There are many other worthy Bigfoot sites. If you would like me to link to your site, please send me an email.

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