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The following three novels were written by my friend and former writing partner, Bill Fitzhugh, based upon stories we co-created through screenplays. Bill novelized our screenplays and subsequently, we sold the film rights to two of those books, Pest Control and Cross Dressing, to Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures, respectively. Check out Bill's other books here:

Heart Seizure Cross Dressing Pest Control

Pest Control

This was the first of our screenplays that Bill so brilliantly novelized (a pest control guy in Queens is mistaken for the world's greatest assassin). This sold as a film to Warner Brothers before we even had a publishing deal. It was subsequently published all around the world.

Cross Dressing

Originally, we called this Altar Ego (a cynical ad exec is forced to pose as a Catholic priest), but found out someone had just used the title so we changed the name. This sold to Tom Shadyac at Universal as a film.

Heart Seizure

This was probably our funniest screenplay (two brothers steal a transplant heart for their mother and go cross country with it), then disaster struck when (we're pretty sure) someone stole the idea and sold it as a film before we could. After a title change, Bill recreated it as a novel.

  T H R I L L E R S

  N O N - F I C T I O N